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-Women's process group: This is a space where you can join other women for an 8-10 week session, find support regarding life stressors and learn new tools on how to thrive.


-Postpartum process group: The postpartum period is filled with so many changes, both physically and emotionally. It can be a time of joy and excitement while also being a time of worry, fear, exhaustion and sometimes depression and anxiety. This group is designed to provide you with support and teach you new tools to enable you to get the most out this season.


-Teen group: This group is a special space for teens to come together to share life stressors and to find out that they are not alone. Teen's often learn best from one another; this makes group a powerful treatment as it is facilitated by an experienced counselor that teaches new skills and highlights techniques that have been successfully used by others.

-Fatherhood group: Join a group of dads navigating fatherhood.  Learn skills to help create solutions of you and your family and bond through shared experiences.  Get set up for success.  Work together to learn postiive, effective parenting skills, identify and address problematic behaviors, an create space to learn from professionals and other dads to become the parent and partner you want to be. Topics: Raising kids, Parenting styles, Co-parenting, Navigating relationships, Discipline, Divorce and separation. 

-Launching into young adult life group: This group is for young adults, ages 18-24, looking for additional support as they learn the skills to launch into adulthood. This group will provide aspects of socializing, processing life events, learning life skills, and practicing task initiation and completion.   

-Incoming Freshman Summer Program:  This will be a fun filled group with teens like you who want to start their high school career ready for success. This group will focus on: 1) Identity formation (who do YOU want to be), 2) Building healthy friendships, 3) Learning skills to manage big emotions, 4) Developing study skills to manage new academic challenges.  


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